Alternative education methods?

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Meet Pacífico Fichamba, my host-dad. Paci is writing his thesis in order to graduate with his masters in Ecoturism in Protected Areas. He believes that there is an alternative to the way natural sciences and ecoturism are taught in this country. As Pacífico says “In these areas, many of us practice agriculture in order to farm our lands. Schools should take advantage of this situation and work together with farmers with the objective of teaching in a more experiential way”. Paci is working on making this possible.” So far, he has proved the eligibility of this project by bringing students of different ages into his farm and teaching them about the many different plants that coexist there. He makes this tour very interactive by allowing the students to look closely, touch, smell and even taste what they encounter on their path.


I decided to help him make a video of the route he takes the students on, where he teaches them all the different purposes of the many plants, as well as presents the possibility of this alternative education method. In this way, he will be able to share his project with a wider audience, as well as make this information accessible for teachers and students that will not have the opportunity to explore the farm in person.

(english subtitles will be available soon!)