Alma da Terra

Karina Rodriguez - Brazil

March 28, 2012

Where do you begin to talk about your Life
To talk about where you´ve been
And what you´ve done
Who you are and where you´re from?

In a mess of systems and an almost
Obligatory form of Living,
Who am I to say who I am and what I come from?
Is it true what I know,
Or am I simply circling a rim of masks?

There has to be more…

And with every beat of my heart,
I know that I am of the Earth.
Following to the calling of the sun and the moon
And dancing with the wind and the waters,
I am all that She is and we are united as one.

Guided by the duty of healing my Soul,
I follow the Journey of Life
With all the faith and devotion of our Mother Earth.
Hey Grande Espirito,
Hey Grande Mãe,
Hey Xamã.

Karina Rodriguez