Adventure Time

Kaya Hartley - Senegal

January 4, 2012

A fellow and friend, Awa (Megan) introduced me to the phrase ‘Adventure Time.’ Adventure time was started in Dakar, when we would go downtown, meet new people, and see where the day took us- usually ending with a good, crazy, interesting story to tell.  The key to having an excellent adventure time is to be open to anything and everything, really get to know people, accept offers, be friendly, be fearless, (and of course, use common sense.) Of course, not all of them turn out excellent. There are the awkward adventures, the lost adventures, the getting ripped off adventures, the almost being married adventures, the language misunderstanding adventures, and the scared for your life adventures.

But all adventures, none the less. Recently we flagged down a HUGE utility truck, hoisted ourselves up and stood in the back, gripping on to a metal bar conveniently placed at arm level- having our feet lifted off the ground going at full speed down the bumpy dirt road, having to duck to avoid being beheaded by tree branches, and having the adventure of hitch-hiking turn into the adventure of the best rollercoaster ride ever known to mankind. No matter what happens, every adventure is a learning one. And in case I haven’t said the word adventure enough, The adventure of life would be no adventure without adventure time.

Kaya Hartley