A Week in Food

Wondering what I have been eating for the past six months? I decided to record a week of my eating habits just for you!


Tuesday, February 21

Banana, Hardboiled Egg, Tomate de Arbol Juice

This is a very typical breakfast for me. You’ll see it come up pretty much every day.


Met Melisa for our Coaching Session and grabbed a Malteada de Fresa (Strawberry Shake)

A guilty pleasure for many Fellows–stopping by at El Quinde café in Ibarra whenever we get the chance. Their brownies are also to die for!


(At apprenticeship) Chocho Soup

At my apprenticeship, a temporary home for girls separated from their families, I help make lunch in the kitchen in the mornings. When the girls arrive from school, I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor with them! Soup and rice are ALWAYS included.


(At apprenticeship) Baked Plantain, Chicken, Fried Rice with Peas and Carrots, Lettuce


(At home) Tostados (A type of corn), Potato, Carrot, Pasta, and Cilantro Soup

This is also a quintessential dinner at home. Soup is a go-to, and I will never pass up tostados on the side.


Wednesday, February 22

Scrambled Egg, Banana

Hello again!


At my apprenticeship, Mote (type of corn), Carrrot, Onion, and Cilantro Soup

Mote is a traditional kind of soft, white corn in Ecuador.


(At apprenticeship) Fried Egg, Beans with onions, rice

I have fried eggs all the time! Also, these beans have become one of my favorite side dishes at my apprenticeship. I usually can’t resist pulling a couple out of the pan to munch on before lunch.


(At apprenticeship) Quaker, Naranjilla, and Pineapple Colada

Colada is essentially any kind of hot sweet drink, and it is an absolute staple in Ecuadorian culture.


(At home) Carrot, Potato, Pasta and Chicken Soup with Popcorn

We don’t eat popcorn when we watch movies here. We eat it with soup!


Thursday, February 22

(At home) Scrambled Egg, Banana, Tomate de Arbol Juice


(At Daycare) Warm milk with plantain

I work at a Daycare for 1-4 year olds on Thursday and Friday mornings. It’s an interesting challenge helping all the children eat and trying to prevent them from ruining one set of clothes within the first half an hour.


Some 30 cent watermelon plus grapes in the park before Spanish class

Anyone in Ecuador will tell you cheap fruit sold in wheelbarrows is a gift from God. I just ate lunch for a total of $1.30.


(At home) Evening tea with tortilla (fried dough)

My host mom makes irresistible homemade tortillas for tea time.


Friday, February 24

(At home) Scrambled Egg


(At Daycare) Rice with milk Colada and bread


(At Daycare) Rice, Lettuce, Chicken


(At home) Evening Tea


(At home) Rice, Chicken, Yuca, Dulce de Duraznos (Peaches)

Yuca is a root kind of like a potato, but a little more heavy and thick.


Saturday, February 25

(At home) Fried Plantains, Rice

Fried plantains galore in my household!


(At home) Evening Tea and Humita (made from corn)

The dough of an humita is made from corn, onions, eggs and spices. It is steamed in a corn husk. These were made by my host mom and host grandmother.


Sunday, February 26

On the bus on the way to Pimampiro, bought this cup of watermelon for $1 out the window!

There are always people selling fruit, chips, nuts, and everything in between on the side of the road. Normally, the vendors look to hop on a bus and sell their product. Sometimes if you’re desperate though, and they’re not getting on the bus when you want them to, they might have to hand it to you through the window during a red light!


In Benoit’s homestay in Juncal, his mom cooked us this: Rice, Fried Chicken, Avocado, Potatoes, Salad of Peas, Carrots and Mayonnaise

Coming to Juncal to celebrate Carnaval was a great choice partially because of this meal 🙂 . This is a fancy meal many Ecuadorian families would cook for a holiday or for guests.


I did not have my smartphone with me at the time, but while enjoying some Carnaval festivities in Juncal, I bought a mango and ate it with some salt (an Ecuadorian tradition.)


Monday, February 27

Since it is vacation for Carnaval, breakfast was spiced up with some fried dough with banana inside and some strawberries! If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with bananas, so this is my favorite kind of fried dough that my host mom makes.


(At home) Rice, Chicken, Beans, Carrots


Thanks for following a week of my food adventures here in Ecuador!


Happy Eating!