A New Adventure

Kalea Moore - Ecuador

July 31, 2012

Hello my name is Kalea Moore.

I am often thought of as the one who dares to be different. In school, I was never the one to follow the rest of the crowd. So, when the opportunity to take a Global Citizen Year presented itself, I jumped at the chance!

I love to help people and make people smile. Going into this program I’d like to help people the best way I can, learn Spanish, and learn to appreciate other cultures. I hope with my time in Ecuador I could make a difference in someone’s life

I must admit that I am a little scared to be away from my family and friends for 8 months—especially my 95 year old grandmother and my 3 year old sister. However, I am excited to meet my new family in Ecuador and make new friends through this fellowship. I am entering this experience with an open mind and I am ready for my new adventure!

Kalea Moore