A Day in the Fields of an Environmental Movement

Grace Partridge - Ecuador

March 21, 2019

My internship at Vibrant Village Foundation provides me with many unique

opportunities to learn about environmental conservation, including the

chance to witness action on the forefront of the agro-ecology movement in

Ecuador. Yesterday, what started as simple office work turned into a field

trip to farmers’ markets, an organic *almuerzo (lunch)* restaurant, and the

chance to help facilitate a workshop to organic farmers in Ibarra.

While assisting a woman working on her thesis in the VVF office, Anna, cut

construction paper into tiny squares, she invited me to accompany her to

one of the ten workshops she was doing in the Imbabura region. Thinking it

would be a reprieve from a day of office work, if nothing more, I agreed.

Two hours later, we were sitting in La Choza, a light-filled restaurant

that served traditional Ecuadorian lunches, but with a twist: as much of

the ingredients as possible are purchased from organic, local farms.

After a fresh and colorful lunch, we visited a couple of farmers’ markets

and chatted with the women selling their produce. Filled with fresh, local

goods, the market was a testament to the work being done in sustainable

family fields.

Upon arriving at the venue, we ran into an old friend on Anna’s and former

director of VVF in Ecuador, a man named Paul, who is currently constructing

the architecture in the area with his own artistic vision. Paul has a

passion for environmental conservation that is contagious, and spoke with

Anna about the local agroecology movement as if it was something sacred:

with a hushed voice filled with passion that carried the message that

sustainable agriculture is the key to the future. I found myself inspired

by their conversation regarding local events: That a movement towards

sustainability, both in farming and beyond, is alive in Ecuador, and it is

making strides.

The workshop, a talk about the health benefits of growing organic produce,

was presented in a green haven that is to be a future community meeting

center for local agriculture workers, a gathering place to spread awareness

about the importance of sustainability and host events, and a secure area

for organic markets where cheaper and conventionally farmed, though not

environmentally conscious, produce will not be competition. The land was

purchased through a partnership of organic farmers spearheading awareness

for their work.

Through VVF, I have been able to find and briefly connect with a community

making strides toward their vision of environmental security. Like

apostles, the evangelists of this underground society are devoted to

spreading their incredibly valuable movement one farm, workshop, and

organic market at a time. Through a day spent on an impulsive adventure, I

have seen the energy and generosity that lives in people devoted to making

a greener future, and I know this is something I will bring with me into


Grace Partridge