A day in my life in the Village of Zuleta

Every day I wake up at six in the morning to get ready for school where I help students improve their English. I teach at a small high school which has a total of no more than ninety students. When I get done eating breakfast I say good bye to my little siblings, Enoc and Sarita, the pride and joy of our lovely family. I pack my bag and start walking to school which is about a ten minute walk from home.

As I walk into class, I say hello to everyone and help them by reviewing their homework. One thing that I am really excited about is the fact that I am getting to spend time with the English professor. He is a twenty-two year old male that teaches an English course and he is a student at a university in the city of Ibarra which is about forty minutes away from my village. I enjoy that we connect on so many levels. We share the same passions from soccer to loving the same kind of music.

After class ends, I walk home where Mom waits for me with love and a big bowl filled with combinations of vegetables- mostly potatoes and rice- and a side of her famous mora juice that all of our family enjoys.

Then I wait for my brother, Santiago, to get out of school so we can both head out to the field and help our father with whatever he needs us to do. Right now we are mostly spreading these small beans that help increase production and taking care of the fields by eliminating all of the weeds. After my brother and I get done helping my father, we wait for our mother to bring us our food and we eat with our dad and his friends. They always share amazing stories with us. No matter how tired I am from working in the fields, no matter how much I want to stop and fall asleep, I am encouraged by the fact that I know a hot shower awaits me as soon as I get home.

After working and eating, my brother and I head home where we pack our bags and wait on the bus to take us to the city of Ibarra where, we go to a gym called “World Gym”. There we have our trainer to help us with conditioning and exercises. After Santiago and I get back from the gym, we eat dinner, take showers, and play with our little siblings that seem to love me more than I ever expected.

That is pretty much the basic routine that I have been following every day since I have been here in this village of Zuleta.