7-place chronicles

* This is a combination of a few of my journal entries from the past month

Walking 30 min a day to the garage (bus station) seemed as an easy task
during the first month here. That is, until I realized that the sand is
everywhere around me. The sand is like a shadow, forever haunting me after
each step I make. I can find it in my shoes, in my room, inside and outside
of my backpack, on my feet, on my clothes, sometimes even under my
fingernails. It can also be hard to walk in the sand, especially when
you’re trying so hard to be on time while you’re wearing a long tight skirt
and shoes that make your feet hurt. On top of all of that, the sun is
always there. Even though it’s just doing it’s regular job of providing
life on Earth, for the individual walking on a hot day it causes
discomfort. Maybe I do understand now why Mersault (The Stranger-Albert
Camus) was so much affected by the heat and the sun. It makes you feel
tired and uncomfortable. You’re trying to get out of the situation as fast
as possible but then the sand is attracted to you so each step you make
feels like you’re actually making ten.

Somehow, I manage to get into the small space in the car. Mainly, it’s the
back seat next to the window. It’s my favorite spot. Sometimes I listen to
music, sometimes I have a deep conversation with my friends while eating
snacks or I end up meeting a new person. Sometimes I’m very excited while
other times I just wanna get home as soon as possible. It’s an adventure,
nevertheless. What makes it worth it is the landscape on the way. Many
trees, a couple of animals, a perplexed sky and Senegalese music in the
background. Oh, I wish you saw the sky today. It was pink, purple and blue,
all combined and yet it was so easy to make a distinction between the
colors. The moon was there as well, slowly fading away and bringing the
night to some other part of the world. There’s something special about the
sky here. It brings calmness and peacefulness. It reminds me to continue
walking, trying and eventually failing or succeeding. I really wish you saw
the sky today. Maybe one day when you look into my eyes you will see it,
because it surely will be there.

Every 7-place ride is a different experience, but I love it every time.