11. Thiadiaye Laa Dekk

I’m from Thiadiaye.

Saint Louis is almost as far north as you can go in Senegal and since I was heading there anyway for our second training seminar, I decided to take advantage of it by visiting all the Fellows north of me along the way. Besides the people in my own community, the rest of the Senegal cohort has been such a central resource. They are all so intelligent and insightful and my relationships with each and every one of them have enriched my experiences here in Senegal beyond anything I could have imagined. So yea, I was curious about what each Fellow was making of his/her Global Citizen year by seeing them in action”. It was amazing. I learned so much from their different communities and perspectives and techniques and failures and successes. One of the coolest things about this year is that there is no one way to go about it. And I’m so grateful to all the other Fellows in Senegal for being able to learn from them and share with them all of our discoveries so that we each get the most out of our time here. But there was one lesson that surprised me the most. It wasn’t something I was looking for or necessarily wanting in but ultimately it has changed the very way I will live out my last months and how I see myself here in Senegal and perhaps even beyond.