10 Little Moments

Samantha Srok - Ecuador

March 3, 2015

One night as I was sitting in my bed trying to think of good blog post material, I couldn’t stop thinking about silly stories that have happened here, none of them really significant enough to write an entire post about, but all of them memories that make me really happy, and are a pretty good representation of my day-to-day life here: farm chores, working in the daycare, and being part of my host family.‰Û¬ So here are 10 little stories, in no particular order, and I hope I haven’t forgotten too many of the good ones.

10 Little Moments

1) I’m brushing my teeth outside by the outdoor sink and suddenly in the large tub where we wash our clothes, a chicken is swimming in circles, cooing concernedly. My brother tries to take her out but the chicken keeps swimming to the opposite side of the tub. This goes on for a while.

2) Nhaelli asks me if I want to prepare dinner with her. I say Of course! What are we making?” She grabs a black plastic bag and says “Chicken! Lets go wash it outside.” “Of course!” I say

Samantha Srok