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02 Jun 2015 Photo Gallery

Here's a visual look at all the people and connections that made this experience incredible. I hope you enjoy the pictures of all my loved ones. s....

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24 Nov 2014 Photo Blog 1

These are pictures of my first couple months in Ecuador featuring Fellows, families, and Ecuadorian nature. The banner is from a road trip I took with my family and their families to Puyo in the Pastaza province. 2. The view of Mt. Chimborazo from the rooftop of...

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24 Nov 2014 A Glimpse of Lagoa do Peri

Have you ever seen an episode of National Geographic and wanted to jump through the screen to be right where they were? Or look through their magazines in awe and wish it was you visiting such a wondrous part of the world? As I was...

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21 Nov 2014 An Average 24 Hours

Wake up at 5:30AM. 5:30AM-6:15AM: Generally spent washing clothes in Rio Napo. 6:15AM-7:00AM: Breakfast. Usually a combination of rice, eggs, bread, plantain, and of course, guayusa.* 7:05AM-3:30PM: Off to work at Sinchi Warm. There is no such thing as an average day at Sinchi Warmi. Potential activities include: Organizing our artisanship displays. Jungle Walks!...

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21 Nov 2014 Festivities of Cuenca

Fridays nights are usually spent in the yogurt room outside the house. Two huge vats await my host mom and other women, ready to turn plain yogurt into delicious concoctions. This Friday night was a little more special because in two days, it would be...

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21 Nov 2014 The Most Important Choice

A few weeks ago I started my apprenticeship at an organic finca (farm) about 20 minutes outside of my community of El Juncal. Below are my first two experiences at my new job: Experience 1: 
Due to my decision to stay up late the night before,...

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07 Oct 2014 Resettling

[Wiser - Old Man Canyon, Phantoms & Friends E.P.] Monday, the 6th of October, marks the beginning of my sixth full week here. The first three weeks in Quito (the capitol city of Ecuador) I lived with a host family, attending language school and training seminars, squeezing...

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