Future Ready: Empowering the Next Generation of Global Changemakers

For over a decade, Global Citizen Year has been a beacon for youth empowerment. This year, we unveiled ‘Take Action Lab,’ our most innovative initiative yet. Backed by Harvard research, the results are in: our approach is equipping young people with the emotional and intellectual skills to be the changemakers of tomorrow.


In February 2023, Global Citizen Year launched Take Action Lab – a hybrid virtual and immersive educational experience based in South Africa to equip young changemakers with the workplace agility skills, networks and global orientation needed to advance human rights causes around the world.

Through a partnership with a research team from Harvard Business School’s Human Flourishing Program, we’re seeing the results of Take Action Lab’s innovative model.

100% of students developed key skills for living and working in a diverse society, 93% could better relate across racial and cultural differences, and 96% felt more hopeful about the future.

We’re proud to release this new report detailing our findings and sharing stories from the first cohort of students to participate in this transformative educational opportunity.