Global Citizen Year's Educator Nominator Community

Join us in unlocking curiosity, conviction and courage in our next generation leaders.

We are thrilled to invite you to join our Global Citizen Year Nominator Community. Being part of this community allows you to award your students a $500 merit scholarship by nominating them to become Fellows.

Our educators stand for Global Citizen Year’s values of curiosity, empathy, equity, conviction, and courage. As a Global Citizen Year Nominator, you will receive periodic updates on our program, deadlines, events, and Fellow stories.

Matt Cone, Carrboro High School Teacher

“Five of my students have participated in the Global Citizen Year program. The growth (both personal and intellectual) that these students have experienced as a result of their time with Global Citizen Year has been profound. I always bring these students back to talk to my classes because they serve as models of what it means to be globally-engaged.”

Than Healy, Menlo School Head of School & Global Citizen Year Board Member

“Global Citizen Year, by having students immersed in the broader world, is actively preparing them for a global, heterogeneous world that thrives on an innovation economy. Fellows are better able to translate any new educational experience they get in college onto a framework of what the world will actually demand of them in a way that makes all of their future learning relevant. That is impact.”

Ivy Shamis, Marjory Stoneman Douglas Teacher

“Several of our students are taking advantage of being immersed in an global gap year before college and they are making the memories of a lifetime. These students experience being part of a global community, leading to interconnected world leadership that will shape their values, beliefs and perspectives. This program gives them insight to how the world cooperates and a sense of responsibility to help keep our world free from hate, conflicts, poverty and pollution and instead filled with diversity, equality, opportunity and love.”