Today’s students are exhausted, stressed, and really “good at playing the school game” as Global Citizen Year Founder and CEO Abby Falik says. Let’s help them find their WHY.

Preparing young people to thrive and lead in today’s world requires complementing their classroom education and instruction with real-world experience outside of their comfort zone. And that’s what we’re doing at Global Citizen Year.

Each year we select a diverse cohort of talented students from across the country and support them through a school-year-long immersion in communities in Ecuador, Brazil, Senegal and India, we equip our Fellows with the skills, insight and empathy to move the world ahead. Our Fellows become part of a local family and community and work alongside that community as apprentices in local projects in education, environment, social enterprise, health and more.

Our Fellows come home with a strong sense of purpose that guides their education, fuels their ambition and shapes their future career path. They become leaders with the qualities and characteristics we need to move the world ahead.

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Student outcomes & our impact

Since 2010, we have trained more than 700 emerging leaders from 46 states and 30 countries, and applications to our program are doubling each year.

Global Citizen Year alumni are highly engaged in their education because they are connected to their purpose. They are going to college with the perspectives, skills and mindsets that enable them to make the most of their undergraduate experience.

Upon graduation, they are finding meaningful careers that directly align with the personal mission they discovered on their Global Citizen Year.

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Key Stats

91% become proficient in a new language

The vast majority of Fellows placed in Brazil, Senegal, and Ecuador return proficient in a new language.

Tesla, JP Morgan, United Nations, TFA

After college, alumni are finding meaningful work with cross-sector organizations and 85% believe their work makes a difference in the lives of others.

Graduate college one year faster

Our alumni are graduating from college one year faster than the national average.

Fulbright, Rhodes & Gates Scholars

Distinguished by their Global Citizen Year, alumni achieve competitive grants and fellowships.

Hear from our supporters

Eric Lombardi, Head of Fort Worth County Day School

Eric Lombardi, Head of Fort Worth County Day School

"As a school proud of sending 100% of our graduates to college, we are also thrilled to have Global Citizen Year as an option we present to those students who know that they need something different and who want to make a difference in that year after they graduate. We were particularly pleased to find their commitment to scholarship dollars. In our search for the best options for our graduates, Global Citizen Year quickly went to the top of the list."

Rick Shaw, Stanford University Dean of Admissions

"We find the kids who come back from a year off are often wiser, they're more mature, and have a different perspective than those who might have gone straight to college."