Yani Alexander

Yani is passionate about stories and how they can inspire, motivate, teach, and connect people. She is involved in social justice campaigns and was a member of the Queer Straight Alliance and the leader of the Unity club at her high school. Her goals for the year are to learn new skills, further develop current ones, and discover how to utilize her skill-set to create positive change.


Breathing in Quito

In Quito, where the altitude is 10,000 feet, I have learned to breathe more deeply. So I inhale Quito; taking in both the fresh air from the trees that cover the mountains which surround the city and the exhaust expelled by buses and cars that race along its streets. …

13 September, 2013

Who? What? Where? Why?

School isn’t the real world. It’s artificial. Half the information you learn you will never use or will forget. That’s what people say, and they may be right. I just want a chance to try to use the other half. In high school I learned about how histories of…

22 July, 2013

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Yani Alexander