Vijay Dukkipati



I’m a humongous boulder toppling down a hill; once I gain momentum I am unstoppable. When I am against something, I do not budge. It is both my greatest strength, and my fundamental flaw. I used to sit and ponder why I was wired in that fashion. Even more so, I used to be angry….

27 March, 2014


A while ago, my mom asked me how Global Citizen helps a person become a better leader. She was generally confused because the web-site was vague, and didn’t necessarily offer much information for how it truly helps a person become a leader, especially while in one’s country. I for one, when I began this journey,…

27 March, 2014


“What would you do if you didn’t have Fear?” It was of many thought-provoking questions that Abby Falik had asked of us before we had arrived in our designated countries. However, for some reason, this one in particular rang throughout my mind like a bell. Its echoes reverberated through the experiences of my life as I realized just…

30 October, 2013

Why I’m Here

It felt odd. Sitting in English class on the last day of school, I hear my classmates talk about their dorm assignments and what they’ll major in at college. While they use the summer to relax and get ready for their college journey, I am fully immersed in studying Spanish to prepare for my Gap Year in Ecuador, hoping that…

14 July, 2013

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Vijay Dukkipati