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11 April, 2014

Oyga, Tienes Un Novio?

“Tienes un novio?”( do you have a boyfriend?) *I pensively weigh of my options, do I make one up?* “No” I reply. Surprise is apparent, the questioning continues. No boyfriend in Ecuador? In the States? Not even one in both? Smiling, and amused by the  third option, I tell them “Soy un independiente mujer!” I’m…

05 March, 2014


I went to Loja recently with my family, where the houses are sporadic and pork is plentiful. Its actually the campo(country side) of Loja; the kind of more basic, of out in the middle of no where living that I had initially expected from my Global Citizen Year placement(since I’m living in a small city…

05 March, 2014

Making My Way Downtown

The dogs outside are barking again, noisily chorusing amongst themselves. There’s a man from one of the surrounding apartments spitting rapid Spanish to what could only be a scorned lover. My neighborhood has woken up far before me, and from under my covers I silently plead with the buses, taxis and especially motorbikes to give me a moment of silence….

10 October, 2013

Dare to be Different

“So how long are you gone for?” he asked. “8 months!” The look of surprise is normal now from people asking about my bridge year. When they inquire if I’ll be okay staying that long abroad, I answer with a resounding yes. I also laugh a little bit; because each time I confidently say “I’m ready,” I get…

22 July, 2013

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