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Sophia Carroll

Sophia is passionate about environmental sustainability and policy as well as art/culture. She is involved in her school's Model UN and environmental clubs, as well as on the rowing team. Her goals for the year are to become comfortable in the new situations she will be faced with and learn to cook Brazilian food. She is inspired by her friends and family and the books she reads. Sophia is a Tufts 1+4 Fellow. Visit: to learn more about the Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Service Learning Program.



May 19, 2017

It’s been a week since I got home from Brazil. It’s hard for me to even remember now what it was like to wake up in my bed, and sit on my couch watching The Voice Kids every Sunday, and spread doce de leite on my bread roll every evening, which could easily scare me...

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February 23, 2017

I went last weekend to visit my host family in Curitiba, the city that I stayed in for two weeks when I first got to Brazil for In-Country Orientation. My family in Curitiba is a couple with no kids, and they are both doctors, (financially comfortable and extremely well-educated), and spoke English. I was very...

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Afraid of Change

December 19, 2016

I wanted to do this year abroad because deep down I didn’t want to do it. Or, in simpler terms, because I thought it would be hard. I’ve developed a liking, maybe from 6 years of competitive rowing, to doing things that are hard because I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction after, which can be...

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Overthinking My Overthinking

October 22, 2016

I spend a lot of time thinking about time. I remember before I left home I worried I would revert to “countdown mode” too much–a tactic I’ve used a lot at summer camp or during long erg pieces where I think about how much time have left and then think back to how long ago...

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No Expectations

September 7, 2016

 All the mindfulness and self-awareness exercises I’ve been doing at both Global Citizen Year PDT and Tufts 1+4 Orientation have made me think a lot about my character traits, ones that I value and ones that I want to change over my bridge year. I’ve realized that adaptability is one of the keys of doing...

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