Shannon Yang


Vision Statement: A Reminder to Continue to Strive for My Goals

I took this gap year to grow and to develop myself as a person in the ways that matter to me. In so many ways, I am doing that. I can’t count the number of lessons I’ve learned and realizations I’ve had. However, as the year wears on (almost five months already), the things that…

30 January, 2018

Thankful For My New Life—My New Home

  Almost three months ago, I stepped off a plane in Dakar, a city I didn’t know much about, in a country that I didn’t know much about. I spent a week doing a seminar at the Tostan Training Center in Thiès, speaking English, using the Wi-Fi, eating westernized food, and then suddenly, that bubble…

30 November, 2017

Taking Charge of My Own Learning

“Why are you taking a gap year?” The question would often catch me unprepared, like a storm coming earlier than forecasted. I would often shrug and tell the curious asker that I just needed a little more time, or that I felt burnt out, or that I was young for my grade anyway. Though all…

02 September, 2017

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Shannon Yang