Shannon Yang


Vision Statement: A Reminder to Continue to Strive for My Goals

I took this gap year to grow and to develop myself as a person in the ways that matter to me. In so many ways, I am doing that. I can’t count the number of lessons I’ve learned and realizations I’ve had. However, as the…

30 January, 2018

Thankful For My New Life—My New Home

  Almost three months ago, I stepped off a plane in Dakar, a city I didn’t know much about, in a country that I didn’t know much about. I spent a week doing a seminar at the Tostan Training Center in Thiès, speaking English, using…

30 November, 2017

Taking Charge of My Own Learning

“Why are you taking a gap year?” The question would often catch me unprepared, like a storm coming earlier than forecasted. I would often shrug and tell the curious asker that I just needed a little more time, or that I felt burnt out, or…

02 September, 2017

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Shannon Yang