Selena Harris

Selena Harris is passionate about the earth and all it has to offer. With a love of the arts, sociology, wildlife, hiking, and wailing on the banjo, she is involved in various prairie restoration groups, folk bands, ASL clubs, and can be found jamming out with old folks at the Alzheimer's and dementia home. She hopes to take these interests to focus on environmental protection, human rights, and making art and music accessible to students worldwide. Her goals for the year are to learn how to weave, hike the Andes, meet an alpaca, master a new language, and embrace new perceptions of the world. "It frightens me, the awful truth, of how sweet life can be..." Bob Dylan


Ashata Kashkaman

Ashata Kashkaman, I will see you soon. Beyond oceans, hermanita, you will stay with me Your mother  that held me deeply se vive en mi mundo. She reminds me, my sister, that the mind is maleable, todo se cambia You will stay with me, mi…

21 May, 2019

Caterpillar Soup

*Preface: Something a lot of people don’t know is that caterpillars actually liquify in the cocoon before becoming a butterfly. Like, as a kid I always pictured the little caterpillar just growin’ wings, takin’ a snooze, and then poppin’ out 20 days later looking glorious…

17 February, 2019

Arts in the Andes

Time sure does fly here like it’s nobody’s business. While I wish I possessed the sheer motivation to blog all that I have been writing, unfortunately life moves just a little too fast for me to keep up. So I am here with this quick…

19 December, 2018

Dias de la Vida

What are we really celebrating? This is what I think about as I step over the forgotten graves at the Indigenous cemetery in Otavalo (a separate and exclusive location from the Mestizo cemetery, I might add). Some headstones are disappearing into the earth, buried in…

09 November, 2018

A Journey Entry from the Bus to “Peguche”

I was going to wait longer to start my blogging abroad. I was trying to accumulate the nitty gritty, the knowledge, possibly even some “spiritual growth” before publishing. You know, the real deal. But, given my circumstances right now, I figured why not. This is…

16 September, 2018

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Selena Harris