Samuel Parson

A true internationalist, Sam was born in Brazil, grew up in the United States, and lived for a time in Micronesia as a child. A dedicated visual artist, Sam also enjoys drama, playing guitar, and running on the track team. After spending last summer in Brazil, he rediscovered his first language of Portuguese and a love for the people and culture of his birthplace.


So Many Peanuts!

If you give way to the mind’s stream of flowing consciousness, then you’ll surf through to the waters of enlightenment. I really love to write because writing is in many ways and for many reasons, a great form of expression. So on this day I…

13 January, 2012

My name is Fallou Beye

There are three kinds of us with the chance to live in this world. There’s one kind that lets the world revolve around them with a forever unchanging attitude and a cold shoulder to even the bare thought of growth, there’s another that really embraces…

03 November, 2011

Forward, Into the Field

Hey, so I’ve titled this article ‘Forward, Into the Field’ because “the field” is the name that Global Citizen Year found for the place where we the fellows call “home” for our 6 month stay while we work through our apprenticeships. The range for these…

12 October, 2011

Care for some Tea?

…Let me fire some up for you.  So as you can see, the ways things go in Senegal do not go the same way as things in the US. If you didn’t know Senegal is a third-world country where our every-day conveniences like electric stove…

12 September, 2011

Growing in Union

Bonjur, comment alle-vous? Oh, hey, you just caught me practicing my French! I’m going to need that skill to voice myself out in Senegal Africa, where I’ll be making my stay as a Global Citizen Year fellow. Well, in case you don’t know me, my…

09 July, 2011

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Samuel Parson