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Natalie Choi

Natalie is passionate about meeting new people, trying new things, and immersing herself in an unfamiliar culture. Her goals for this year are to explore Ecuador, to make a positive impact to the community and to learn.


Final Reflection Blog

June 15, 2018

Since I have come back from Ecuador, countless people have asked me about my experience.  And I’ve realized that I always talk about Ecuador nicely; not because I’m scared of offending anyone or because I want to battle against the stereotypes, but because I actually, truly love Ecuador. I love how I could see the...

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5 Lessons from Orejas

January 11, 2018

This blog is dedicated to an amazing friend, Orejas, who has always been by my side. Orejas is this cute little dog who follows me everywhere I go: cafes, restaurants, markets, shops… Sometimes it can be troublesome if I want to go to a place where dogs can’t enter; nevertheless, whenever I’m with him I always...

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Stranger Things

November 26, 2017

Obviously, when one moves from a highly metropolitan city in East Asia to a small town in Latin America, there are going to be some things that seems a bit unusual to me. However, I chose to used the word ‘stranger’, instead of ‘strange’ not only because I thought that would be more captivating as...

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Quito Host Family (10/9 – 17/9)

October 2, 2017

I have been looking forward to stay with my Quito host family ever since I’ve arrived to Ecuador because I really wanted to experience the culture like a local would. Apprehension did not find its way to me until I received the page of information about my host family. Unlike most of the fellows, who...

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