Natalie Choi

Natalie is passionate about meeting new people, trying new things, and immersing herself in an unfamiliar culture. Her goals for this year are to explore Ecuador, to make a positive impact to the community and to learn.


Final Reflection Blog

Since I have come back from Ecuador, countless people have asked me about my experience.  And I’ve realized that I always talk about Ecuador nicely; not because I’m scared of offending anyone or because I want to battle against the stereotypes, but because I actually, truly love Ecuador. I love how I could see the…

15 June, 2018

5 Lessons from Orejas

This blog is dedicated to an amazing friend, Orejas, who has always been by my side. Orejas is this cute little dog who follows me everywhere I go: cafes, restaurants, markets, shops… Sometimes it can be troublesome if I want to go to a place where dogs can’t enter; nevertheless, whenever I’m with him I always…

11 January, 2018

Stranger Things

Obviously, when one moves from a highly metropolitan city in East Asia to a small town in Latin America, there are going to be some things that seems a bit unusual to me. However, I chose to used the word ‘stranger’, instead of ‘strange’ not only because I thought that would be more captivating as…

26 November, 2017

Quito Host Family (10/9 – 17/9)

I have been looking forward to stay with my Quito host family ever since I’ve arrived to Ecuador because I really wanted to experience the culture like a local would. Apprehension did not find its way to me until I received the page of information about my host family. Unlike most of the fellows, who…

02 October, 2017

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Natalie Choi