Mia Reyes

Mia is passionate about food sustainability, combating the prevalence of fast fashion, veganism, and addressing environmental racism. She was involved in a Model United Nations program which gifted her the opportunity to engage all of her interests and kindled her growing enthusiasm for international affairs. Her goal for the year is to challenge the social construct of traditional education by embracing a global experience. Her favorite quote is "I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do." - Haruki Murakami


What I’ve Come to Know

10.22.18 19:32 It’s a humbling thought to know that I am at the will of the world. That I am subject to the forces in which I cannot control and that I will forever be, both intentionally and unintentionally transforming. To know that time, people,…

08 November, 2018

Same Delegate, Different Stage

For a long time, the word community applied only to what I knew was familiar and the world was a smaller place because of it. And then everything changed. My freshman year of high school, I joined Model United Nations (MUN) and in a way,…

15 August, 2018

There’s a Lot to Think About and a Lot to Love

It is a hard feeling to describe sitting here counting down the days until I leave the comforts of all that is familiar and side step tradition as I embrace my gap year. And yet, I feel equally justified in saying that I am not…

13 August, 2018

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Mia Reyes