Meg Crenshaw


On Moving

I changed host families a couple of weeks ago. Although my new family members–and new house–are only about ten yards away, I still had to go through the process of packing up and moving. And as I pulled apart every single thing in my room,…

05 February, 2013


I recently had a realization: While I was in the States, I was at least competent at the things I did in my daily life. Prepare breakfast? Check. Drive to school? Check. Lead a meeting? Check. Flush the toilet? Check. It’s a humbling experience to…

05 December, 2012


I was exhausted: I had spent the day–from 8am to 4pm–bringing big rocks from across the river to our community in the Ecuador Sun. I was lonely: I saw other workers joking around with their best friends, while I was stuck with five-year-old vocabulary. I…

02 October, 2012

Eighteen Year Olds

Eighteen is a funny age. In the summer, eighteen year olds fill the spectrum. There are eighteen year olds completely dependent on their parents, and there are eighteen year olds paying rent independently. There are eighteen year olds who have a three-month interlude during the…

10 July, 2012

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Meg Crenshaw