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Maylin Enamorado

Maylin is passionate about writing, poetry, and flash fiction. She is an advocate of using art to bring about change and has been competing with the Miami spoken word poetry team, Wordspeak. She writes mostly about issues surrounding equality and human rights. She has gone on several missionary trips to Nicaragua and Honduras with her church, where she worked with local children. She believes in preserving culture through art and hopes to learn about Senegalese culture. Her goals for the year are to write and direct a short film in French, Wolof, or Pulaar, listen to as many people's stories as possible, and instill a love for poetry in at least one young person.


Au Sénégal, Sans Langue: Memoirs of a Bridge Year

December 5, 2014

I. I’m seeing it this way now: Tough Times and Tough People are two drunk old men in a back alley somewhere in the Bronx. The two stand shoulder to shoulder, comparing height and build; they’re almost exactly the same in both. Annoyed, they pull two crates from behind a nearby recycling bin. Spectators begin...

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August 11, 2014

I am quite a fan of Anne Sexton’s work. Among others, I consider her one of my poetry mothers. She is someone whose words I surround myself with whenever I sit down to assemble my own. When I sat down to write this blog post, I still didn’t have a concrete reason for going to...

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