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Maria Nazarova

Maria is passionate about music and meeting new people. She is interested in global sustainability, education for all and prevention of over-exploitation of third world countries. Her goals for this year are to leave a mark on a community and be positively influenced by a world so different from her own. She also hopes to become fluent in Portuguese and travel to other countries in South America. Her favorite quote is "You can't make a mistake when you improvise" because life isn't a finalized script and things happen as you go along and if you think it's the right decision, then it is.


Home Stretch

March 17, 2016

As I move into my last month in Brazil, I struggle. I struggle when people ask me if I am excited to go home because this has become my home. I have routines here, I have friends here, I have a family that takes care of me. I guess I’ve just become accustomed to living...

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March 17, 2016

It’s all a process. My host brother is in a band and I was able to attend one of their rehearsals recently. I’d already been to some of their shows and heard the final product, but that’s not how it starts. Over and over and over again, they play the same song, switching tiny pieces...

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November 21, 2015

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have the opportunity of participating in a Capoeira class. Capoeira is defined as “a system of physical discipline and movement originating among Brazilian slaves, treated as a martial art and dance form”. It is well known throughout all of Brazil and allows me to be a part of...

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November 19, 2015

       The program placed me in a small, historical town in the south of Brazil called Morretes that has  population of about 16,500 people. I started working in an organic farming cooperative that consisted of about thirty different families. I participate in weekly Mutiraos (community work) at the sites of the various families. These consist...

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The Question

August 27, 2015

Senior year is a stressful time at first, but becomes exciting once students finally decide upon the path they will embark on after graduating from high school. The application process, college tours and decision time are a different experience for all, but no one can escape the inevitable question: “What college are you going to...

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