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Makaleh Smith

Makaleh is passionate about life and all of the ways to experience it. This includes traveling, adventuring, meeting new people, and then documenting by film or photography. She sees the arts as the most effective way to evoke emotion from people, and culture as the best way to connect with people. Makaleh feels strongly about the rights of the environment and helps whenever she can; even if that is simply educating people on the importance of our Earth from time to time or recycling around her community. Along with helping nature, she has a passion for helping people, and feels completely fulfilled when doing so. Makaleh sees it important to find passion in every aspect of life and is committed to doing so for the rest of her days.


On love

April 2, 2016

Often with blogs there is a sense of falseness, but not in a negative way. It is a natural occurrence that happens when you know other people are reading your work. I can personally say I do it; romanticise daily life or events to make them seem more interesting. To me it comes as no...

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Here in Ecuador

January 17, 2016

Here in Ecuador, you quite often start out the night with one set of plans, and end up with a night that could only be explained by, “someone looked at the wrong page of the daily planner.”   My Saturday night started out with the simple statement, “we have been invited to attend mass”. Exciting!...

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Trying to Envision the Future

January 2, 2016

In September, we were told to make a “vision statement”. Basically, at the end of these eight months abraod, what we hope to have accomplished. Knowing that I am perfectly imperfect human being, I may not fully accomplish all of the following visions. However, seeing that it is New Years, I can’t see a better...

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Thank you

November 22, 2015

Although I have always loved Thanksgiving, it holds a special place in my heart this year.  I began this journey hopelessly homesick; crying everyday, wishing for just a taste of home. It was draining and made it impossible to be anything more than a sad, crying burden for my host family.  I knew something needed...

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“So What Do You, Like, Do Everyday?

October 17, 2015

I start my day at about 5:45 a.m. with a flick of my light switch from either my brother or dad. The house rings with enough noise to force you to get out of your already sweltering hot bed. I walk zombie like across the hall to the bathroom I share with my sister. And...

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Emotions, Excitement, Ecuador, OH MY!

August 27, 2015

I was set on posting a semi sappy blog reassuring the people I love that Iwas no longer scared, but rather at ease with my thoughts about the monthahead. Well that was a week ago, and now I’m sitting in my dorm aftersaying too many goodbyes with only six hours until I leave Stanford andhead...

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