Lily Goldberg

Lily has more hobbies than she can keep track of. She enjoys making jewelry, biking, camping, reading, writing, singing, cooking, filmography, caring for animals and more. Underlying all of these diverse interests is a creative spirit and a deep love for nature. Lily was the Vice President of her school’s Outdoors Club. She is very supportive of conservation and wants the world to be more environmentally aware.


When the Men Come Home…

In Senegal the family dynamic is simple, but rigid. The men work, the women keep the home and do the cooking, and the children go to school and help the adults. Of course per family their are variations of this setup. Some girls don’t really get much of a chance to go to school, while…

02 May, 2012

Home; here and there and everywhere

Something I’ve noticed, without fail, is that consistently throughout all places and peoples in Senegal there is a general, wonderful sense of hospitality, welcoming, and concern for others. They call this “Teranga,” a sense of friendliness, hospitality, and respect conveyed by the Senegalese to all people. It’s most apparent in the traditional long greetings given…

02 May, 2012


“Communication has been cut off at the knees. Coherent sentences left hanging in confusion, and words reduced to indistinguishable sounds. I’ve found myself clinging with grateful desperation to the few French and Wolof words I know, and my knowledge is meager. It is one thing to be in a foreign country staying in a hostel…

10 October, 2011

Life All Around

  In all honestly life here in Dakar is not full of immersion. Initially it felt a little shocking, but that passed quickly. In my home, my host brother and his friends  speak some English, so I get a language break now and then. And everyday all of us fellows are together for a good amount…

10 October, 2011

The World Up Close and Personal

Hey, I’m Lily, 18 years old and from Glastonbury CT (quite the uneventful area). It is quiet and nice, but I have to admit it’s incredibly easy to get bored here, which is partly why I’m so thirsting for adventure! It helps to have hobbies — that is my primary boredom cure. I love making…

06 July, 2011

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Lily Goldberg