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Here goes nothing

For three months now, I have been staring at a nearly blank page in my journal that I reserved for my very first in country blog post. The only words keeping it from being a flawless blank page read: “9/22/13 blog posts… need to write blog post ASAP” and some random doodles. Every time I…

06 March, 2014

Sailing Away From The Bubble

I am from a typical suburban community in San Diego, California where there is preconceived expectation to head straight to college after high school. I have observed a consistent path that people from my hometown follow. They work really hard in high school, to the point of exhaustion, go to a prestigious four year university, and then get a high…

15 July, 2013

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Lauren Rendler