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Lauren Rendler

Lauren’s first time out of the country was last summer in the Dominican Republic, where she lived with a host family, facilitated summer courses for local youth about the environment, and worked with the community to set up a more efficient waste system. This is where she discovered her passions for working with children, environmental conservation, and enjoying the little things in life. She has been on the varsity track team for four years at her school and was also the President of the AMIGOS de las Americas club. Her goals for the year are to challenge herself in every way possible, to learn as much as she can through people and experiences, and to be more outspoken.


Here goes nothing

March 6, 2014

For three months now, I have been staring at a nearly blank page in my journal that I reserved for my very first in country blog post. The only words keeping it from being a flawless blank page read: “9/22/13 blog posts… need to write blog post ASAP” and some random doodles. Every time I...

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Sailing Away From The Bubble

July 15, 2013

I am from a typical suburban community in San Diego, California where there is preconceived expectation to head straight to college after high school. I have observed a consistent path that people from my hometown follow. They work really hard in high school, to the point of exhaustion, go to a prestigious four year university, and then get a high...

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