Lana Hadziosmanovic

Lana Hadziosmanovic is passionate about sustainability, gender issues, and education. In highschool, she was involved in environmental conservation through the Sustainability Committee and the ecological club at her school. Through her work with United World Schools, and NGO which builds schools and trains teachers in rural parts of Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nepal, she worked to ensure all children receive an education. Through leading the FEMPO feminist club she tackled pressing gender issues on campus. Her goals for her Global Citizen Year are to achieve personal growth and independence, to make a difference in her community in Ecuador, and to become more cognizant about issues in a country very different from her own. Her favorite quote is: "That's what it's all about: to return, to come from one point, to leave and arrive again. Without that point you're tied to, you wouldn't love it or another world, you wouldn't have a place to leave, because you wouldn't be anywhere. And you're nowhere if you only have that point. Because then you don't think of it, you don't long for it." by Meša Selimović.

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