Julia Shankin

Julia is passionate about amplifying the voices of underrepresented populations and playing an active role in her community. She is involved in her school's theater and improv programs and loves to dance outside of school. She leads her school's improv, Chinese, and Queer-Straight Alliance clubs as well as choreographs for school plays. Her goals for this year are to gain proficiency in Portuguese, learn lots about Brazilian culture and politics, and come home with new insight and perspective.


I have Re-Entered

My Global Citizen Year has now come to an end. I wasn’t expecting coming home to be harder than leaving, but watching my host family wave to me as I drove away was truly heartbreaking. When I left my family in the US to go…

22 April, 2017

I may not be doing, but I’m still living

In the past seven months, I have spent more time doing nothing than I have doing something. I have hours of unconstructed time every day, with no obligations, responsibilities, or anything better to do. I spent the better part of seven months waiting for whatever…

17 March, 2017

Aproveitando verão

01 February, 2017

I’m Not Your Filha

I have never lived with children, both of my sisters are within two years of my age, and apart from occasional babysitting I have never spent much time with anyone more than five or six years younger than me. When I saw that the paper…

26 December, 2016

Immersion, Not Submersion

Before I came to Brazil, and even during my early days in my community, I was convinced that the best way to immerse myself here was to give up all aspects of my former way of life and adopt all of the routines and values…

19 November, 2016

Three Months Late, But At Least Now You Know

Disclaimer: This is an original blog that I actually wrote during PDT, but due to technical difficulties, I was unable to upload any blogs until now. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of how I was feeling almost three whole months ago! It has now…

19 November, 2016

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Julia Shankin