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Julia Shankin

26 Dec 2016 I’m Not Your Filha

I have never lived with children, both of my sisters are within two years of my age, and apart from occasional babysitting I have never spent much time with anyone more than five or six years younger than me. When I saw that the paper...

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19 Nov 2016 Immersion, Not Submersion

Before I came to Brazil, and even during my early days in my community, I was convinced that the best way to immerse myself here was to give up all aspects of my former way of life and adopt all of the routines and values...

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19 Nov 2016 Three Months Late, But At Least Now You Know

Disclaimer: This is an original blog that I actually wrote during PDT, but due to technical difficulties, I was unable to upload any blogs until now. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of how I was feeling almost three whole months ago! It has now...

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