Jose Duran Jr

JD loves looking at the world through the viewfinder of his camera, and is passionate about sharing his story through beautiful photographs. As an avid photographer, JD has used his passion to aid a variety of groups throughout the greater South Houston area. His work has earned him the Best Candid Photograph award at the Global Classrooms Model United Nations Global Summit. He also frequently assists in facilitating community service events and fundraisers with N_


Far From Done

Monday, October 21: My birthday. Tuesday, October 22: Helped deliver a baby. Wednesday, October 23: Hay fus. (Nothing) Thursday, October 24: Little girl passed away at the health post. (Malaria) Friday, October 25: Hay fus. (Nothing) Saturday, October 26: My first Senegalese party. The week of my birthday was a particularly heavy week for me. Many of the realizations I’ve made about…

23 February, 2014

What You’ve Missed

So here is the basic information of my time here in Senegal. This is by no means in depth or anything, but more of just a quick glimpse of the things that make up the basis of my daily life. I promise to go into greater detail on a few of these things in future blog posts. I…

23 February, 2014

Sorry for the Delay

So, it’s kind of obvious that I have been a little lacking in blog posts here on my Global Citizen Year blog. Heck, I haven’t posted a single one since I left Houston way back in August. Now, I understand how this may come off as simply me being lazy, but I want you to hear me out…

23 February, 2014

Wake Up

As of late I’ve noticed a peculiar habit forming in my daily routine. Everyday at sunset, like clockwork, I quietly make my way to a secluded spot near Houston’s Hobby Airport. As the summer progresses my interest in this place has been growing exponentially, almost to the point of a mild obsession. Each day I venture out to my…

18 July, 2013

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Jose Duran Jr