Jake Filderman

Jake is a committed hockey player and a musician. During his senior year he earned a position as the starting goalie on his school's team. Jake also has a love for playing jazz piano. His decision to join GCY was due in part to his experience as an intern in South Africa where he worked for two months with an HIV/AIDS support program.



There is a corner store that sells shoes, although store may be a generous word. The ‘store’ is simply a bunch of shoes laid out on the sidewalk and an awning, but for all intents and purposes it’s a shoe store. Every day when I pass this store, there is a small crowd of people…

29 October, 2010

This Is Just the Beginning

When will it finally sink in that I really am about to go on the adventure of a lifetime? Surely the GCY training sessions should have hammered that fact into my head by now. Through all this learning how to resolve conflict, speaking with members of congress, and acquiring blogging skills, a simple fact has…

28 September, 2010

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Jake Filderman