Jacqueline Oeschger

Jacqueline is passionate about world travel, language, and inciting positive change. She is heavily involved in the arts and an active advocate for women's rights. Her goals this year are to achieve proficiency in French and adjust to an entirely new culture. She is inspired to make a difference in the world for the better.


My Mouss and My Meissa

I did not anticipate falling in love when I signed up for a gap year. In fact, I have never anticipated love in any way. Yet here I am, caring for a person and a cat more than I have ever cared for anyone or…

06 March, 2019

Why I Stopped Identifying as American

Because I’m furious with the government that calls itself freedom. Because families seeking asylum are finding a worse hell at the border. Because poverty is an induced cycle that the government oppresses minorities in to. Because education is a right that is treated as a…

27 January, 2019

Defining Normal

I’m having a hard time defining normal. Considering I have never once in my life been called this, nor can I say I associate with it in nearly any way. But, after shaving my brothers head, stepping over half dead crickets and chicken bones to…

27 November, 2018

Live From The Field

In 5 Months At our last catch my team leader asked our regional cohort to write vision statements for our next five months here. What we hope to accomplish, what we’ve learned, who we’ll be. I wanted to share mine: In 5 Months * In…

13 November, 2018


In Whom I Find Home I have never truly called a place home. As I’ve gotten older I have found that “home” for me is less of a location and more people. There is always this ridiculous sign in overly patriotic Army households: along with…

29 September, 2018

Jacqueline Oeschger vs. Fatou Djiba

Have you ever read the article called “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema”? It unveils our innate bias and tendency to assume that there are always “others”. When in reality we all stem from the same tree of life. I am in a new land. I…

23 September, 2018

Getting Unfamiliar

I’m becoming very familiar with a pen and paper, With the stack of undeveloped film on my desk, With melted gum, With the pages of my books, With Senegal’s heavy sun, With quick showers, and tea without milk. I’m becoming very familiar with my own…

20 September, 2018

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Jacqueline Oeschger