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Ivana Filipovic

Ivana is passionate about entrepreneurship, communications, and art. She volunteers with NGOs advocating for student rights, in addition to frequently working with children with special needs. Ivana also enjoys working out and spending time in the nature. Her goals for the year are to learn about a new culture, contribute while living there, and improve her Spanish skills. She is inspired by the world we live in today and she strives to inspire others by being the best version of herself possible.


How I Transitioned into My New Life in Ecuador

October 19, 2018

Deseo que siempre tengas: AGUA – para beber FUEGO – para calentar AIRE – para respirar TIERRA – para vivir en ella These words were written on a sign in an ecological toilet in Kinti Wasi, a community based in rural Suscal, in the province of Cañar. It was started by women who want to...

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