Gloria Kirk

Gloria is passionate about language, culture, and children. She is a swim instructor for children ages three to eleven, and teaches them life skills about drowning prevention. Her goals this year include becoming immersed in her community and learning a new language as well as improving her French. One of her favorite quotes is "Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." -Paulo Coelho


The Hyena, the Hare, and the Cow

I have been collecting folktales as a part of my community project. Most of my stories have come from Fellow, Thea’s host dad who is the village chief of Yendane. I record the stories in Laalaa, write down and understand with my host dad, then translate word for word in English. I rewrote this tale…

18 March, 2017

From Tivaouane to Dougnane

Returning from a trip into the city on a horse cart. My favorite way to meet people and practice Laalaa. Click below to have a listen!  

08 February, 2017

5 Random Things

-Went to collect firewood in the most beautiful fields. Purple flowers, baobabs, and butterflies. While walking, there was a rustling in a bush ahead and my aunt ran at it, machete raised and all. Still don’t know what it was, not sure I want to know what would’ve happened to it if Dee’ Apsa had…

25 November, 2016

Broken Lens

I think I have always loved photography, both looking at pictures and taking them. My favorite being documentary photography. I love the way a picture can tell a story and especially the way people can be captured within that story. I had been hoping that this year I would have the time to really explore…

22 November, 2016

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Gloria Kirk