Gijs Smid

Gijs Smid is passionate about sustainable development with perspective on the environment. He is involved in environmental activism, local volunteering and loves the outdoors. His goals for the year is to immerse in the Ecuadorian culture and local community, learn Spanish and through this experience creating a better sense of himself. What inspires him are the selfless people around him that truly work towards a better future.


The Capstone Project Blog

Hey there! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog and now I’m writing my last one back home in the Netherlands. It’s has been quite the experience the past seven months and that’s why Global Citizen Year asks each of us to do a final project ‘the Capstone Project’ and a reflection blog….

07 June, 2018

My apprenticeship

[Nederlands onderaan] Four times a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – I walk from my house at 7:55 towards the center of the town to start my work in the city hall. I usually walk into an empty office in which I start setting up my little desk with laptop and other necessities….

20 November, 2017

My town, my family and a highlight

A 15 hour travel day from the US to Ecuador was the start of a many new smells, sights, and sounds who both have fueled and drained my energy. In this blog post, I´ll describe my town, introduce you to my family and share one of my highlights so far. My town, Gualaceo, is the…

17 October, 2017

Why this gap year and what to expect

It was a long back-and-forth process before I finally made the decision to go on this gap year. I can still picture all the pros and cons lists and all the people I’ve asked for advice (thank you if you were one of them! 🙂 ). So here I’ll share a bit of what made…

24 August, 2017

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Gijs Smid