Eva Ackerman

Eva loves to travel and most recently visited France and Spain. She particularly enjoys visiting art museums and walking around the different exhibits. Eva went on Sojourn to the Past, a trip in which she traveled through the South learning about non violence and the Civil Rights movement. She is interested in multiculturalism work, food justice, and women's rights. Eva is excited to learn Spanish, create connections with another part of the world, and understand the value of global citizenship.


Quotes from the Year

Student: “You can only have a good mom or a good dad. Some people don’t have a good mom nor a good dad, but you definitely can’t have both a good mom and a good dad.”   Student: “I don’t want to go to University…

05 May, 2014

Finding Meaning

-Written two months ago. I was extremely upset when I heard my six-month job was to teach English. I thought it was ridiculous; won’t analytical skills improve the students lives more than an English class would? My reasoning was solidified when I arrived to Paraiso De Amigos. All…

25 March, 2014

Views are a’changin’

Throughout my teenage years, whenever I heard of people sending clothing, sports supplies, or money to a developing country, I got upset. There are people in the United States who suffer a great deal, yet it isn’t as glamorous to help improve their lives. I thought of all the…

05 December, 2013

Yes, and…

I have never been good at not being good at activities. The extracurriculars I continued throughout the years are the ones that came naturally to me, never the ones that took work, because I always quit either mentally or in actuality before I tried to…

13 September, 2013


While other families brought their old clothing to either a homeless shelter or a secondhand store, my mom brought them to her job. Our clothing, like many other family’s clothing, was donated to homeless families, yet in our situation, there was no middleman. Instead, my…

04 September, 2013

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Eva Ackerman