Emery Harwell

Emery is passionate about connecting with people. He is involved with his church in recreational and volunteer activities. He is also involved in community outreach through various organizations, and is most passionate about helping children and people who are homeless. His goals for the year are to form a strong and lasting bond with his host family and community. "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on."-Henry Ellis


Where I’m At

I haven’t been keeping up with this blog nearly as much as I intended to, and for that I apologize.  I’ve hit my required amount for Global Citizen Year, and it would be pretty easy to just kinda drop off on these little updates.  However, I do feel the responsibility to let all of y’all…

21 March, 2016

The People I Meet

When I was applying to college last year, I remember UNC Chapel Hill had a prompt about micro-moments of human connection.  Bummer that this isn’t a prompt this year, because damn could I write a good essay. My time in Ecuador is a non-stop learning experience.  A lot of my learning is done on my…

31 December, 2015

Mindfulness, Happiness, and Gratitude, oh my!

Have you ever been so happy you just wanted to RUN!?  Because that’s how I felt after teaching my first English class on Thursday. I’ve now been in Pamar Chacrin for one month, and I am still constantly surprised at the small things that make me happy.  In trying to figure out what exactly it…

19 October, 2015

Broccoli in a Carrot Patch

I’ve been in Pamar Chacrin for one week.  In this town of 83 short, Ecuadorean, farming families, I stick out like broccoli in a carrot patch.  This week has been rough for me.  In Quito I was welcomed into an upper-middle class home with all the commodities I had back in Chapel Hill.  I could…

27 September, 2015

A Beautiful Welcome

As the plane touched down in Quito, a flood of emotions swept over me.  Excitement.  Apprehension.  Sadness.  Anxiety.  Curiosity.  Excitement again…  I was missing friends at home, but I couldn’t wait to experience this new place with my new friends from Global Citizen Year.  Of course this was all complimented by the inability to pop…

31 August, 2015

At Long Last

I’m sure you’ve all heard me talk about Ecuador and Global Citizen Year, and if you haven’t then you’ve probably seen it somewhere on my Twitter and Facebook.  Today I’m really going.  My past eight days have been spent with and amazing cohort of my new friends, while learning from an incredible group of staff,…

27 August, 2015

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Emery Harwell