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Capstone Video (last blog post)

Eu fiz um vídeo pequeno com aqueles clipinhos que eu tirei do Brazil. Eu não tinha minha cellular e máquina fotográfica pra muito de meu tempo lá mas eu consegui incluir bastante ainda. Gente chegando da floripa, aprendendo de cozinhar, minha família nova, as tartaruguinhas, e a capoeira são elementos vitais de minha experiência e…

07 June, 2018

Coming Home

The reverse culture shock is a very strange and very real thing. I am on a bus, looking through my window, and taking in the vast redwood forests in California. My mind is still in Brazil. My hand is fidgeting with the cap of my water bottle. I am thinking about taking a shower, rinsing…

23 April, 2018

Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Brazil

Here I was, splitting a banana tree with a machete in the countryside of São Paulo. The pieces of banana tree, filled with water, were being strategically positioned in the dirt to aid the other crops for the rainless days. The other crops– chinese and lamb lettuce—would use the banana tree as a sort of…

22 March, 2018

Capoeira Angola

I was awaken by a knock on my door Sunday morning. I had just gotten home 3 hours earlier from a late night out. It was early. I reluctantly peeled off my covers and rolled out of my bed to open the door. The blinding bright light poured in and took me off guard. I…

14 December, 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

Last month we went on a hike through a rainforest. When we got off the bus, we had to walk down the block for a bit to begin the trail. Soon, we were completely immersed by nature. The trees stood high and the roots were thick. Many plants had fallen, hanging loose above our heads….

18 November, 2017


I was seduced by a heavenly concoction of light, warmth, and aroma in Anitápolis. I walk towards the fire slowly, the soft glow spools over my skin. I take a deep breath. I stood at a distance, watching the fire climb. It moved quickly, entrancing me with it’s erratic dance. Every now and then it…

23 October, 2017

Not a thing to do, but talk to you.

Excerpt about an experience I had in Mexico: At five in the morning, there is incessant chatter from a sea of people rushing through the market of Texcoco. I feast on mouth-watering barbacoa tacos and freshly sliced mango —the mango juice runs down the corners of my mouth. Barbacoa is carefully prepared by wrapping goat…

30 July, 2017

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