Cheyenne Tessier

Cheyenne grew up in Hudson, New Hampshire. Her time spent at Alvirne High School reflects her desires to see more of the world outside of her town's borders, as she led the Model United Nations Club, founded the National History Club, guest taught civil rights courses, and hosted a concert to benefit Haiti. She also has an interest in social injustice and civil rights, and she would like to learn more about the developing world from living in it, rather than reading about it.


Debunking the Stereotypes

Recently, I’ve been getting countless Facebook messages and e-mails, “So, what is Africa like?” “Are you helping a lot?” “Do you confront the issue of AIDS on a daily basis?” “Have you seen any voodoo ceremony?” And so on. Even though I live in SENEGAL, and more specifically, THE DAKAR REGION, a very small portrait…

02 May, 2013

The Reality of the Definition

I am an actor of development in Noflaye, Senegal. I believe in neither mass fabrication, nor Western medicine. I am an actor of development. I no longer contribute to NGO’s, nor would I call myself a supporter of government aid projects. I am not a journalist, nor am I a revolutionist. I don’t think the…

31 January, 2013

To Have Trash

The smell of burning waste seeps in through the open screens of my bedroom window. I came here to escape it. I thought that it would be far enough. It was us who raked the plastic next to the highway and added a bit of grass, so that it could burn quickly. It was me who bought…

09 January, 2013

A Roaring Peace

The voice coming out of the television screams. French. 1 million words per minute: Protests. Riots. The American Ambassador, killed in the Libyan embassy. I tune in, as my family continues to nonchalantly eat Ceebu Jen from the communal bowl. An American. A Youtube video. September 11th. “Innocence of Muslims.” A blur of confusion. I…

10 October, 2012


As I have learned in life, we can’t be with people or places forever. They die; we move; we lose touch: every relationship comes to an end. It took me a long time to realize this. It’s okay to not be with a person, even a person we love, especially if we want to grow…

10 July, 2012

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Cheyenne Tessier