Caroline Smith

Caroline is passionate about music, social justice, and all living things. Her involvement with various musical groups throughout her middle and high school years has given her a passion for people and the various ways in which they communicate whether it be through language, music, actions or some other form of expression. Her experience as a runner and field hockey player in beautiful North Carolina has given her a great appreciation for the outdoors and nature, including animals. Her goals for the year are to become proficient in Portuguese, form strong bonds with her host family and community, and broaden her perspective of what education means. She is inspired by the the outdoors, friends, family, and music.


Capstone Reflection

Just two days after returning home to North Carolina, I went with Elizabeth (Ecuador '18) and Wyatt (Senegal '18) to Wyatt's alma mater, East Chapel Hill High School. We spent the day giving presentations about our different and shared experiences with Global Citizen year. Most of the students to whom we presented are rising seniors,…

28 May, 2018

My Year in a Video

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01 May, 2018

Hold On, We’re (Going) Home

My definition of home has expanded more than I could have imagined in the past two years. 24 months ago, home meant living in a house with the number 102 and a best friend living in house 103 on that same street. It meant a hammock hung between two dogwood trees, and a treehouse I…

01 May, 2018

Robbers and Hope

Erna is my coworker at Sitio Çarakura, my apprenticeship here in Brazil. She is like me- she loves to notice beautiful things: “Look at that tree! It has red organisms growing on the bark. Only trees that grow in pure air have that. One day I want to see every tree covered in pinks and…

14 November, 2017

Finding my Why

Most people who have decided to take a bridge year know that there are some standard questions people ask when they find out you´re taking a bridge year instead of going straight to college. If other GCY fellows are anything like me, they had their go-to answers perfected well before leaving:  “Where are you going?´´ …

19 October, 2017

The Importance of Community

My bridge year, like most endeavors I take on, has been great so far in large part because of the people I have met and those who support me.  I am so grateful for my newfound family in the Brazil cohort, who are always down to jump in the ocean fully clothed, stay up late…

17 September, 2017

Thank you and goodbye

It’s a comfort, but not a surprise, that Rosetta Stone has drilled the words “obrigada” and “tchau” into my brain. A culture’s language has a way of revealing what that culture values, and in the face of so much change, it is comforting to know that gratefulness and a fond farewell are as important in…

23 August, 2017

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Caroline Smith