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Amigo de fe

This year I've been away from my dearest friends. I've stayed in touch with the ones I love the most and a Brazilian song that has helped me the most to kill the "saudades" has been Amigo de fe by Roberto Carlos. And because it means so much to me I decided to share the…

04 April, 2018

Final Community Project

Projeto Manezinho Global For my final community project I had a series of presentations about opportunities to study abroad for public high schools students in Brazil.  People were extremely welcoming and many were fascinated to hear about programs like UWC, Youth Ambassadors and Empoderándo a Latinoamérica.

04 April, 2018

Independet Travel

A few photos from my trip to Rio de Janeiro. Cristo Redentor Ipanema Beach My fellow fellows at the Jardim Botânico Art Sunlight, a lot of it 🌞 Copacabana Beach Traffic  Trump haters

04 April, 2018

Pupusas in Brazil!

I'm from El Salvador and I've been in Brazil over the last 7 months. I've been craving pupusas since I arrived and this week I finally had the pleasure to cook with my host aunt!  I feel extremely thankful for all the time I spent with my host family and extended host family.

04 April, 2018

The Third Sector’s impact in Florianópolis

During the first days of January 2018, several cities in Brazil’s state of Santa Catarina were hit by really heavy rains that gave rise to numerous floodings. This caused great material losses to families that live in the most vulnerable areas. After the first disastrous news started to spread in social media and local journals,…

24 March, 2018

Where’s Carlos been?

Hey friends! I was talking to a close friend of mine the other day and suddenly he asked “Wait, I know you’ve been in Brazil for more than four months already, but why? What are you doing there?” We’ve been friends for over four years and we’re constantly in touch, however he had no idea…

03 February, 2018

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Carlos Henriquez