August Aubry

August is passionate about travel and debate. He spent his last semester in high school taking college classes, working, and helping a fledgling social enterprise in order to explore some career options before graduating. His favorite quote is, "Always seek opponents and friends who challenge you."


A Mini Dubai In Paulo Lopes

The first mention of Projeto Porto Baleia came one day in a cookie kitchen. The lady who runs this organic cookie business briefly told me there was a movement to prevent a condominium development along Lagoa do Corac̣o. Lagoa do Corac̣o is the the colloquial name for a lagoon in Paulo Lopes named Lagoa do…

07 April, 2015

Running, and Hiding From It

You are looking at a picture of me at Praia do Siriu, Crab Beach If you would, imagine the dialogue at the beginning of this storybeing spoken in Portuguese instead of English. It’s a tall order if you don’t speak the language, so consider it an exercise in imagination. “Have a good trip, August?” asked…

26 December, 2014

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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August Aubry