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Anthony Romain Jr.

Anthony is passionate about photography, sports, and equality for all people. He is also inspired by relationship building across different cultures and understanding differences. He was the captain of his high school lacrosse team and is looking for opportunities to play while he is abroad. After graduating, Anthony worked as head counselor at Lifting Up Westchester, a camp for young kids that have experienced housing instability. Anthony also participates in Summer Search, a program dedicated to helping high school students strengthen their personal and practical skills needed to become college-educated leaders who give back to their families and communities. His goals for this year are to become fluent in a new language, broaden his mind with new experiences, smells, tastes, and sounds, and build lasting friendships with the members of his cohort.



March 24, 2019

Happy Holi from the Kahar family!

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Last Week In Meghalaya

February 14, 2019

These aren’t all of the pictures I took while in Meghalaya. You can view all my pictures by following this link: *You may have to copy and paste the URL to your browser*

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Pictures From Hyderabad

January 31, 2019

When GCY takes us anywhere I take full advantage of the opportunity to capture my surroundings. Enjoy! Nikon D3400 Lens: 18-35mm 55-200mm

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AJ Blues U10 Makes The Playoffs

January 30, 2019

Along with helping in the classroom at Appa Jahav Primary school, I’ve also been assisting their football team since the season started. The played well during the regular season and playoffs but unfortunately the didn’t make it to the finals. They had a great run but practice isn’t over. Everyday I practice with them after...

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January 17, 2019

Just a few pictures of my adventures in Bharat so far. These are just 5 out of many pictures that I’ve taken and will take in the near future. For a while, I was trying to get over this mental block and was hesitant to put out any content. Everything is okay now, I’m getting...

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And so my journey begins…

August 26, 2018

The day has finally come. The day that I have been dreading but yet was so excited about leaving my family to live with another family in India for a whole year! ( Well about 9 months or so). I can't wait to meet up with my cohort members.  This is only the beginning…. 

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