Anna Denniston

Anna is passionate about sports and their influence, social justice, and photography. Throughout high school, she ran cross country, and was a part of mock trial, model UN, and Best Buddies. Her goals for her year in Ecuador are to become fluent in Spanish, learn to make lots of yummy food with my host family, and form lifelong bonds. A quote she likes to keep in mind is "We know ourselves only so far as we've been tested."


The Good Life

31 May, 2019

I Remember

I remember sugar cane. I remember the black bowler hat my great-grandpa always wore, even under the shade of the Guava tree in our backyard. I remember the wasp in my room one Saturday morning. I went and got Danny, and he helped me get…

30 May, 2019

Silhouettes of Palm

I love my bed in Iowa City. It’s small, but that’s okay, because it only needs to fit me, which it does perfectly. I’ve got it positioned so I can pull my curtains back and look out through the screen into my backyard, and the…

30 May, 2019


Banana, pineapple, mango  for breakfast before school.  On days we’re running late,  just the mango,  cecause mamá knows  it’s my favorite.  Afternoon naps next to Danny;  Lulled to sleep by his game’s sounds  off gunshots and bombs and footprints  on gravel that I can hear …

25 May, 2019

What I Understand

Some afternoons, when our mom kicks us out of the house and tells us to go play, my younger brother and I will trudge up the road and then off into the woods, where there is a waterless river we like to walk in. We…

01 February, 2019

But I Will

I went to get my duffel out of my mom’s trunk this morning and found a box of halloween lights, and a unopened bottle of fall-colored sprinkles in there too. These will no doubt be used on the sugar cookies we make at my sister’s…

25 August, 2018

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Anna Denniston