Angelique Cruz

Hey everyone my name is Angelique yet everyone calls me Angie and I’m most passionate about traveling and helping my community with its underlying issues. I’m really involved with a youth organization group that’s been helping to fight by protesting and constantly educating others on what we as a community can do to improve our school systems. Also going through service trips to DR through global glimpse has inspired me to continue my journey after high school to learn about the world they only way to truly is to experience something is to go through it first hand. All of these programs and community awareness has molded me into the person I am today I as a person constantly what to be indulging with my community and increase my global awareness because it’s what made more into a more humble person. My goal this year is to not only learn both French and Wolof but through living in Senegal, Africa but also first hand experience the country as a whole through its food and how the community interacts day by day and how their community dynamic as a whole is.


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Dear Self,  Today you wake up seeing the world not as it is , but what it can be. Today you will learn. Today you will evolve. Today you will experience growth. Today you will have a conversation that will move you. Today you will experience an amount of emotions that you may not understand…

30 August, 2019

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Angelique Cruz