Andrew Chen

Andrew is passionate about wealth inequality, physics, and the truth. He loves working out, playing baseball, and thinking about the world, and he was a Science Olympiad club leader at his high school. He is also passionate about education, being a student interviewer for teaching candidates and serving as a student representative on his school's Curriculum Committee. His main goals for the year are to better understand common human struggles, to discover more about himself, and to create an unforgettable impact on the kids he will interact with. He is inspired by those around him, whether they are his friends, family, teachers, coaches, or co-workers.


Goodbye Seattle…

I’m sitting in SeaTac waiting for my flight, but I still can’t believe I’m about to head off to Stanford for Global Launch. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family here in Seattle this summer, and I’m going to miss all…

26 August, 2018

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Andrew Chen