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Alexandra Ding

A born-and-bred Minnesotan, Alex is a co-founder of the Hunger Fighters Project, and is involved with the rowing and speech programs at her high school in Culver, Indiana, where she served as Honor Council Chair and Senior Prefect. Alex loves learning, and is interested in politics, youth and leadership development, poverty studies, and books. A recent trip to Morocco piqued her interest in international development and Islam. In her spare time, Alex enjoys playing chess, drinking lots of coffee, and following famous people on Twitter.


The Small Work in the Great Work: Homecoming Reflections

July 24, 2014

“Iiiiiin West Metro Minneapolis born and raised / on the playground is where I spent most of my days.” Like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, I was raised on the playground—in cul-de-sacs dotted with sprightly lawns, weather-hardened gravel, and roving bands of kid-cops and preteen-robbers. Time has changed much, but play—discovered in tire-swings and...

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Why I Am Building a Community Garden: A Manifesto

April 11, 2014

The well diggers hit rock last Tuesday, and so, we did what all Pulaar Futas do when problems arise: we bought ourselves a plump hen, and sacrificed it to Allah (Pulaar: sadaka. Translation: a sacrifice to gain God’s blessing and general excuse to get together and eat chicken). God-willing, impenetrable rock will yield to water,...

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The Things I Carry

January 11, 2014

The announcement I carried a parasite was met with mild hysteria amongst the inhabitants of Grove Circle. My mother was frenetic, as mothers are wont to, and locked in vigorous debate with my father—and really, anyone who would listen—on the merits of hiring a hazmat team to cleanse my entire 400-person West African village. They...

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