Aldo Ivan Ramirez Ocampo

Aldo Ivan Ramirez Ocampo is passionate about hiking and trekking. He is involved in deforestation/biodiversity loss, economical gap and social differences present in the world, lack of political interest by the people. His goals for the year are to get a new perspective of the world, to get to understand Senegalese history and their actual situation, to learn French and Wolof, to make new friends and relationships, to learn African dances and rhythms.



Despierta When you leave your shoes Next to mine, I don’t know well I don’t understand well if I am Building you a future Or healing me a past But I know, this story didn’t end   When I leave my shoes Next to yours, I don’t know well I don’t understand well if I…

05 September, 2019

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Aldo Ivan Ramirez Ocampo